Qyira Yusri


Hello, and welcome.

I’m Qyira. Just graduated from university and is pretty clueless what my next step is. At the moment though, I’m working with Teach For Malaysia.

I’ve moved around a few times in my life, however nothing beats the nasi lemak of home. In the middle of my final year in Malaysian high school, I moved to Saudi Arabia and there I graduated with an American high school diploma. I decided to live in Malaysia on my own first before venturing to a country I was totally foreign to, hence I chose to do the American Degree Transfer Program in Sunway University, Malaysia for my freshman and sophomore years before transferring my credits to Western Michigan University.


Happily dating this guy right here, my everything.

In my free time I binge watch on Netflix and contemplate the usefulness of opposable thumbs. When I’m not watching Glee and dream that I have a Broadway-worthy talent, I also manage a global youth organization focusing on empowering young Malaysians. HMU if you wanna know more, fam.

If you’d rather follow my thoughts in the form of short outbursts, follow me on twitter here.


(I promised myself I’ll be consistent with my postings so we’ll see how that goes.)


This blog is for my thoughts and does not represent the thoughts of any party I associate myself with unless stated.



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