Take Me

Are we trying to kid ourselves with the idea of a perfect love story? We’re both far from it and yet we’re constantly lying through our teeth to ourselves that we’re perfect for each other. We can’t deal with the small things, and we never absolve things. Yet we promise to spend the rest of our lives together. We’re kidding ourselves, are we not?



All I know is darling, I was made for loving you.


You’ve touched my soul and you hold me tight, you look at me and we go back to square one. I ask too much and you ask too little. Neither of us will lose in the battle, in the end we’ll lose each other. Yet we don’t back down, its just not in our DNA. We know we’re wrong and we know we’re right.


Hopeless hearts just passing through.



Dear lover,

Our stubbornness will kill us both.


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