lima kupang worth

“Kakak! Nak beli cupcake tak?”

“How much is this?”

“Err… 5 kupang kak!”

“Kalau awak boleh bagitau saya 5 kupang tu berapa dalam bahasa omputeh akak beli”

“Kak… five-ten kak!”

“Salah tu.”

“Kak…..Five ten… five-ty…FIFTY, KAK! FIFTY!”


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Its time to celebrate our third parent.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

A great teacher has the power to transform the trajectory of your life. I slugged through school thinking I was never going to make it in life, constantly failing my maths subjects.

If my English teacher in primary 3 didn’t catch that I was a good speaker and made me enroll in story telling competitions, I don’t think I would have knew that I was comfortable speaking in public. I thought I was just a naughty girl in school that could’t stop chatting.

If my teacher in Form 2 (Ms Victoria) didn’t bring me to a debating competition, I would have not known that speaking well was a skill. (I didn’t join debating though, it wasn’t a thing in SMK St Columba). Ms Vic, you gave me the confidence and the determination to accept that I didn’t have to score straight A’s to be a good person.

If my English teacher in senior year, Ms Libby didn’t introduce me to literature and poetry, I don’t think I would have the courage to take up World Literature as a minor for my undergraduate.

If my lecturers in Sunway Uni, (Dr Malissa and Ms Yati) never told me to go and grab my dreams, I would never have changed my major from Psychology and I would never have fallen in love with what I decided to go into, Communications. (Its not just Mass Comm ok)

Mainly, the 2 most important women in my life are teachers. The work and the impact that I see  my grandmother has made in the lives of her students is astounding. To the point where she now has 8 grandchildren and STILL people refer to her as Cikgu.

The lives that my mother has changed over the years, making strides in the education for special needs children in Malaysia is humbling. Seeing my mother fight for her the rights of her students with the corrupted officials who give 1001 reasons and delaying what should be the rights of students. The Malaysians that we don’t want to think about, teachers who willingly go into schools to educate and be advocates for our children with special needs are truly heroes.

I truly don’t think that I would have an interest in social justice, specifically education without the influence of teachers in my life. When Li Ying interviewed me about my motivations to be a part of Teach For Malaysia even just as a teacher, everything that I researched into “How to speak in an interview” went out the window. I just talked about my mother. I talked about how I realize education is the key to success and while we sit in mamaks and lament about society is apathetic and how we are losing faith in humanity (I roll my eyes so hard when I hear a dudebro says that) I realize that there ARE avenues for us to give back. Its only either we want to grab the tools that are provided or not.

There are a lot of powerful women that has impacted my life, and the path that I’m going down now. It saddens me that society doesn’t see teachers that way, it’s insulting to see people see teaching as last resort for a job.

So today,

today is for the teachers who don’t give up,

today is for the teachers who go into places that nobody wants to go,

today is for the teachers who left their cushy jobs to go into teaching,

today is for the teachers that never gave up on their students,

today is for the teachers that open their home to their students,

today is for the teachers who become co-parents to hundreds of students every school year,

today is for the teachers who opened their hearts and don’t receive enough recognition on how much emotional labor they’ve put in to raise the next generation of Malaysia’s leaders.

So today is for my mother,

for my grandmother,

and the teachers that transforms our lives.

Selamat Hari Guru, semua.

Malaysia needs our collective effort to improve. Shameless plug but Teach For Malaysia IS working towards it but we can’t do it without you. Apply or donate at

Do, doing, done.

Editing one’s resume has always been an emotional experience for me. Deleting a paragraph to add in a new achievement, choosing what to put in or what to leave out. I know some people customize every single resume/CV for a different employer, who has the time for that?!

On another note, its truly a nostalgic path. Every time I complete a new project I sit down and update my resume. One would think it would only take about 5 mins to type in a two-liner but no…. Qyira uses that time to reminisce on her work and get sad that its over. #dramaqueen


From graduation to work. Stay goofy, self.

New barriers

3 months ago, I walked down the aisle… but not for a man, for a scroll.

Today I take the train to work, squeezed in like a sardine can for 30 mins. My face plastered against the door panel, I’m sure I looked funny if anyone could catch my face from the outside. Every morning I make shapes out of the condensation formed from my breath on the glass. I trace Mickey Mouse shapes with my pinky.

30 mins later, I arrive at Masjid Jamek. I try my best to rush without getting groped or squashed. Taking public transport during peak hours is a nightmare for someone with personal space issues. You don’t really breathe until you’ve buzzed your touch n go card to exit the station.


And my day begins. I sit at a desk, say hello to my colleagues, check my emails and start to work.