It’s a romantic idea – finding the right one. 

Burning bridges.


For someone who moves her life every couple years or so, having a single best friend is a foreign idea to me. How do you have best friends that go through thick and thin when you’ve only known them only a few years then having to pick up and move? And then when you move you’re forced to make new friends. 
I think that has made me a cynic. Especially love. I don’t believe in forever love. Especially soulmates.  

I believe you can love someone until you can’t love them anymore. You have a period of time where you two are the only thing that matters in the world. And if you are lucky, the time period will be a long one. But you can pour out your love and energy and effort into a person and find that you are not meant to be.  

Then I realized that at that moment in time, we were soulmates. But we can’t be for so long. You need to constantly find happiness and satisfaction, and not everyone can provide it at all time. You can find your soulmate at a certain points in time, and when that time has passed, you find another. 


What actually is GWS 

Some people have approached me to explain in detail about what I study. So here goes. Hope it’s sufficient. 😊
Gender and Women Studies is an interdisplicinary program offered in many universities. Interdisplicinary means my coursework and professors comprises from multiple departments such as history/philosophy/economics/English/sociology/psychology/law/political science/biology. 
Even though there is the name of women’s studies, we study everyone. But of course the discourse of women is the main subject since in general, we already have sufficient knowledge of men. There is a joke among us, “men’s studies….you mean history?” 🙂 
Part of the requirements for me to complete my degree is to do an internship. So I chose to intern at my university’s sexual assault awareness center. My job is to give talks, create campus violence awareness events and when required, help students who are victims of sexual assault or violence. Part of the projects that we have done are Theatre For Community, where we put on theatre fundraising shows to the city’s community. 
Now with a GWS degree, nak kerja apa sebernanya? In Malaysia, takde kot. Alhamdulillah my parents were understanding when I told I wanted to add GWS as my second major. My primary major when I started my degree is communications. So GWS is more for me to be aware, as in the future I’m interested to work with empowering women and children 😊 and I can’t do that without proper background knowledge now, can I?